Craft shopping - part 4

>> Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I bought this little animal at fern animals back in April. I have to add it to my Craft shopping post because I think it may be my all time favourite item found on etsy.

this is the side view with his hood down

His name is Max and he hangs out in our kitchen under the orchid plant. Looking after it. For such a small animal he exudes a kind of calm confidence. Something about his stance maybe.
Max pictured with a fork to show scale

I love the way fern animals creations are all tiny and perfect and showcase Ashley's lovely choices of fabrics and materials beautifully. When I received mine it was lovingly packed with little extras tucked in the box and I was amazed at how my animal was so well-made.

I suggest you rush over to the fern animals shop right now and pick up one of Ashley's adorable creations. And visit her blog for updates.


sew nancy September 29, 2009  

i love ashley's animals.
i agree about the attention to detail and fabric choices- amazing.
be sure to post yours to the flickr group.
i have an adorable orange fox

karyn October 01, 2009  

you are so lucky!!

okay, i'm going to the shop now, my birthday is coming and i may treat myself to one, finally.

Andrea October 06, 2009  

Max is awesome. love him.

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