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>> Monday, August 24, 2009

The other day I was going out to lunch and couldn't find a bag I wanted to take. It wasn't going to be a full day out so I didn't want to take a backpack, or even a messenger bag. And while I usually don't coordinate bags with outfits, I didn't have a bag that seemed right for a hot summer day. They all seemed kind of dark and barkclothy if you know what I mean.
So I had a rummage through my stash - you know the big stacks of hoarded fabric we sewers keep in various locations around the home - and found the perfect print that I had bought months ago. And whipped up a new handbag that seemed just right. I used the last scrap of the fabric to make a matching coin purse:So I'm just wondering, do any of you have stash guilt? Does it seem like you have too much, and do you wonder why are you buying more fabric when you already have lots you haven't used yet? Because if I didn't have all my fabric handy I wouldn't have found that perfect piece.
On the other hand my stash is still a little unwieldy so lately I've been trying to do more sewing and make some of the things I've always been meaning to make but was too busy. There's going to be some new things going into my etsy shop including some older bags getting sold (because my bag stash is a little excessive as well) and maybe even some fabric...


Unknown August 24, 2009  

I always by two yards, which is how much I use for one side of a crib-sized quilt. That way I know exactly what I can use it for if the stash gets out of hand. Built-in bonus justification: buying two yards might actually mean reducing my stash if I can pair it with two yards I already have at home.

Megan August 24, 2009  

I have serious stash guilt.

I may have told my husband i was keeping it to only one tote, but what he doesn't know is I really meant one tote of actual fabric and one tote of recycled fabric (bed sheets, pillows from goodwill)

When you see a good deal you have to buy it otherwise six months down the road you might have a great project that fabric would have worked for but no fabric.

I can justify anything :)

Sarah August 24, 2009  

Adorable bag! I was just feeling guilty about my stash today when thinking about purchasing even more cute fabric. But I really need it, you know?! :)

Jessica August 24, 2009  

I have major stash guilt! I buy vintage fabric at estate sales faster (much faster!) than I can complete my projects.

Your bag and coin purse are adorable.

Jannie aka Chickengirl August 25, 2009  

I love the bag- great print!

Kim August 26, 2009  

Claire, May I ask about that fabric? I'm in love. Vintage? New? Still available anywhere? What a gorgeous bag.

Fine Hand August 26, 2009  

Love the color combo of mustard and teal blue...I am still building a stash being a relatively new sewer however if I am attracted to a pattern I buy whatever it is on (shirt, duvet cover, skirt) etc.

Hena Tayeb August 26, 2009  

it is really cute. love the fabric

Claire Louise Milne August 26, 2009  

Thanks for the comments, I love hearing from fellow hoarders :-)

Kim, I went back to the etsy shop where I bought the fabric but they are sold out. I don't know if it's new or vintage, I'll try and find out and let you know.

craftapalooza September 02, 2009  

Gorgeous bag and fabric. Me, sometimes :) but there might be special offers at the time and i'll buy and justify. At the present I'm trying to be on a stash diet.

Sam September 03, 2009  

Thought I would pop over and say hello as I have just found your lovely blog - I really love the bear you have made..are the patterns hard to follow?

I am also an illustrator (from bath in the UK)

Happy Blogging
Sam x

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