Crafty shopping - part 3

>> Thursday, September 24, 2009

This year I managed to make it out to the vintage sale at the CNIB. I first discovered this on the Toronto Craft Alert blog, the people that link us to all the local crafty goodness.

This sale is in a large room with dealers set up in a kind of square so you can walk around in a loop to see everything easily. The content included a lot of vintage clothes, jewellery and textiles and some craft supplies such as vintage thread, buttons, patterns and fabric. I ended up going around four times because it was hard to make decisions about what to buy and also very easy to miss things the first time around. Or in my case, the third.

In the end I bought three items. The first was a small wooden case for needles that cost $5. The second was some pale blue ribbon with flowers also for $5 (pictured at the top of this post).
The last item was a piece of feedsack cloth with an elegant black and grey print for $15. This was actually from a seller I see every time I go to the Sunday Market in the middle of the back wall.

I think it was fun, and the $8 admission fee goes to a good cause. Now I just have to decide what to make with my new ribbon and fabric...


LeeAnn September 29, 2009  

Love that feedsack print. They need to put that into reproduction!

Jaimie,  September 29, 2009  

Love the fabric!!

AMCSviatko September 30, 2009  

That fabric is beautiful. Well done!

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