Crafty shopping - part 1

>> Thursday, September 24, 2009

Recently I've bought a few little handmade things, and they're so nice I thought I would share some links. The first is a lovely apple pincushion made by the talented Nicole from Craftapalooza. I was tempted by the kit, but then again I only really needed one, so I splurged and bought one ready made with adorable fabrics.

So in Nicole's new shop you can buy the pattern, kits that come with the fabric and other materials needed to make your own apple pincushion or one already made - even the same one pictured here.

My favourite part is the clever idea of a having the leaf on top for your needles. That way they don't get lost in the pincushion. I keep most of mine in a needle book, of course, but sometimes I like to just have a pincushion with a needle or two on hand.
The shelves in my studio are getting pretty crowded. Partly because I can't resist buying pretty ceramic planters whenever I see them! The new yellow fan shaped one is from the Sunday Market at St. Lawrence. I love it so much...


craftapalooza September 24, 2009  

Oh! Lovely Claire :) thank you. x Shelves are looking awesome.

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