Whiplash topic: colour - Part 1

>> Saturday, May 20, 2006

These are the blues and greens and browns that I've gathered up to make the final Whiplash project. It's all leftover yarns and they are all wool of various kinds. I decided to do a garter stitch (all knit) bag with them so that the colour is definitely the main feature. Each two rows I'm switching colours, and I'm blending yarns together so that it's always a chunky weight, and to create variations in colour.

Working on this has kind of been an exercise in colour theory - because how you blend colours changes how they look, as does which ones you juxtapose. This project reminds me of how difficult it turned out to mix my own yarn. In general mixing colours is also a great way to use up yarn and create more, if you have an orange that is too bright, and another that is a bit dark or drab, blending them can make a great rusty orange colour. And of course it works with textures too, a smooth fat yarn can blend with a fine mohair to create a yarn with substance and a little bit of soft fuzziness.I also used a small needle size given the thickness of the yarn, so it's created a nice thick and dense piece of knitting. Perfect for a bag. The shape is going to be something a little different for me too, similar actually to Ingrid's handbag.

What I'm trying to work out as I go is which side is the right side. On one side there are thin two-row stripes of colours, with some mixed colours due to combining yarns.
But the reverse side is even more mixed up and I like the way that looks too:
Well I'll have to decide soon...


Heather May 20, 2006  

I really like the mixture of all these colours. Very nice!

molly | mommycoddle.com May 20, 2006  

that's going to be a tough decision. i love the color mix a lot. what a great idea.

Anonymous,  May 20, 2006  

I love the color of these yarns together! Either side.

julie May 21, 2006  

Looks great so far!! How do you knit so fast? Is that normal, I dont understand anything about knitting!!!

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