Rabbit tracks lace scarf

>> Tuesday, May 09, 2006

As promised, here is the angora scarf I've been working on from a single 25 gram skein of "Angorissima diamond" 100% pure Angora yarn. The yarn calls for size 6 needles, but I'm using size 8 so that it will be soft and loose and not curl. It won't be as long as the pattern suggests, but long enough, and it's great to be able to make something nice with just one skein of yarn.

Here's a detail of the stitch. I think it's lovely. I was looking for a lace pattern that would be fairly simple - I just wasn't in the mood for a 16-row repeat. Also I wanted it to look lacy but have a clear pattern, not just overall cobwebby if you know what I mean. If you haven't tried lace knitting yet be assured that it really is quite easy. The only stitches you need to know for this pattern are ssk, yo and k2tog. There are only two real pattern rows because it's a 4-row repeat but every odd row is just purled.
So here is the link to the free Rabbit Tracks pattern - thank you Alison! I'm always very appreciative when people take the time to write out patterns and are willing to share them for free. As Alison mentions it's a variation of the feather and fan pattern. I had noticed that Craftapalooza has been working on a feather and fan lacy scarf recently, and I was looking for a similar pattern. The Rabbit Tracks pattern is easier, but has the same pretty effect. It does have a wrong side - it looks the same but with purl stitches - but I think it looks quite nice, so it's ok.

It is a bit late to be knitting a scarf, but it is quite light and airy looking so it works for spring. It can get still get quite chilly in the evenings, so I think it will be a good addition to my more wintery scarf collection.


Anonymous,  May 10, 2006  

I'm currently knitting a similar scart from Marie Claire Idees, but it's nearly finished, and it's sort of comfort knitting, so I think this one will be next, in another shade - surely you can't have too many mohair scarves?!

.. May 10, 2006  

It´s so beautiful! And I finished my third ever scarf ( learn 6 month ago to knit) a couple weeks ago. Which is even more serious, because it´s been HOT here since mid April ;)

Anonymous,  May 11, 2006  

So many wonderful words floating out there to describe this scarf, but every time I look at it, here's what comes to mind...exquisite, exquisite, exquisite!

Anonymous,  May 11, 2006  

I just started learning to knit but I hope I can make something like that scarf one day, it looks gorgeous, well done!

Jenn May 11, 2006  

so pretty! I wish I had that yarn...in that color. haha. it's so beautiful!

I downloaded the scarf pattern and am going to make it using a very soft alpaca/silk/merino wool mix I already had..in a dark green. it will be a tad bulkier than this one, but I really think I'm gonna love it!! :) thanks for the heads-up!


Megan May 12, 2006  

What lovely lace work, it looks so soft and warm.

ofpinsandneedles May 13, 2006  

The more scarves the better! I'm still wearing a scarf all day, although wandering around in bare feet. Yours is lovely. Thanks for sharing the link to Alison's pattern.

Dharma June 01, 2006  

Wow! Too funny. I was searching for the orginial pattern and found your post. I just finished a scarf using Rabbit Tracks too!

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