The $10 Thrift Challenge

>> Saturday, May 06, 2006

I went to my local Goodwill store yesterday, as I often do before going to work on my illustration in Starbucks. I usually do some working at home in the morning, mostly emailing and organizing, then I like to get out and work in a coffee shop - partly to get out of the house and partly to prevent myself from being distracted by the potential for crafts projects all around me.

So anyway, as I was walking along enjoying the beautiful spring weather we've been having (which we attribute to Bradley's recent purchase of a MEC Gortex rain jacket - I've never seen anyone so disappointed by no rain), I decided it would be fun to set a $10 limit and see what I could find with that budget. It's a good idea to set a limit in any case because it stops you from picking up things you don't really want/need. I have too good of an imagination so when I look at things I can think of all kinds of things to do with them. Ie. This skirt is too big/small, but I could use the fabric to sew a cute little tote.

The first thing I found was the beautiful tablecloth in the background of the picture. It's pale yellow with grey and white flowers in a border and in the middle. It was a lovely heavy soft fabric, and it was $2.99. I also found a pink pillowcase to use for fabric - that was $0.99.

After that I found this cool red-patterned handbag. Now I really don't need another handbag but the fabric was just so great. That was $2.99 as well. So the total came to $7.53. The back of the bag is black, and the inside is dark red with a pocket on one side. When the handles click they sound like knitting needles.
Later on I met up with Bradley and he wanted to go look at second-hand books, so I suggested we go back to Goodwill since I was at the coffee shop around the corner. That's when I found the Martha Stewart Kids I missed the first time around - that was $0.49. As I mentioned before they're no longer going to be putting out Kids so I want to collect them all. Incidentally they sent me a card to tell me that they were going to finish out my Kids subscription by substituting Everyday Food. At first I was disappointed but then I had a look through it in the supermarket and it's actually very nice. It's a small format magazine, which I like, and the photography is beautiful (as usual). No, I am not getting a kickback from Martha Stewart but I'm starting to feel like I should. Anyway, this brings me to a total of $8.02.

Now you might think that I should be done with the $10 Thrift Challenge, and I came in under budget, but I kind of wanted to get closer. So in the evening we went out to see a movie, Friends with Money (which was really good), and stopped off at BMV books on the way. There I found a Martha Stewart magazine for $1.99. They had a few, I picked one with an article about quilts. They charged me $2 no tax, so the grand total was $10.02. And that's my $10 thrift challenge. It was fun, so I recommend you try it yourself!


Anonymous,  May 06, 2006  

The Everyday Food magazine is really good. The recipes are really easy and fast. That chicken and spinach with mustard sauce that I made for you one time came from that magazine!

Anonymous,  May 06, 2006  

ha, ha! I have that same problem with my imagination in thrift shops and craft stores. There are not enough hours in the day to do all of the project ideas I can come up with in one outing. But...I buy the stuff anyway, and pretend that some day I will get around to it. I just couldn't bear passing up that really good deal and *needing* that special item the next week! ;-)

AMCSviatko May 06, 2006  

Good scores! I can't wait til I hit some US thrift shops next weekend :-)

AMCSviatko May 06, 2006  
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Anonymous,  May 06, 2006  

Oh what fun! I love the tablecloth-and what Marths is that? I may have to go searching for it!

Toni May 09, 2006  

what great finds! I should try a 10.00 challenge. I'm always so afraid that I'll find something really great that will break the budget, and then I'll feel bad.

I'm collecting the MS kids mags. too!
Love that Living one you picked up.

You can call me Betty, or Bethany, or Beth ...Just don't call me late for dinner. May 11, 2006  

I love the 10.00 Thrift Challenge.
I do it all the time.( Especially when feeling the $$ pinch..) I leave the house with cash only to keep myself honest!
You did very well. I would have been over the moon with that haul!

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