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>> Friday, May 05, 2006

I've had lots of ideas for things that I'd like to make for our wedding. And I realized recently that I should really get going on that before things get really busy. It's actually quite a small wedding, around 60 people, and it's going to be very simple, an early afternoon ceremony and luncheon, but there are still quite a few details to iron out.

One of the things I wanted to make was a ring pillow such as the ones I've seen in the Martha Stewart magazines. I seem to be mentioning her a lot lately... oh well, I'll forge ahead. Although we won't actually be having a ring bearer, we thought the best man could hold the pillow, and using a vintage handkerchief means it can count as "something old".

The inside cushion is made from wool felt, a simple square, and then it is wrapped with the vintage hanky. I chose this one because I thought the scalloped edge was pretty, and it's otherwise quite simple. And, I finally made my own covered buttons! I had found some button covering kits at Value Village in a bag of sewing odds and ends and I've been meaning to make some for ages. The idea actually came to me partly from seeing pictures on Flickr, and also when I received my swap package from Manda which had a handmade button in it. That's also where the lovely bird fabric came from.

Here's a picture of the back. The inside cushion was a bit too small, so I tucked the hanky in the middle and added four little pleats, then added a second handmade button.
Here's a close-up of the front. I added some yarn because I didn't have a ribbon to match, but I might get some ribbon instead. I'm not sure if the yarn is charming or just a compromise. If you're getting married or know someone who is and you'd like to make a ring pillow yourself, there's a how to on this page.

: : :
Illustration-wise, I've been busy this week finishing my sketches for the story Puss in Boots. While I'm illustrating a story I think about it a lot, so that I can make sure the illustrations work with the story and I pay a lot of attention to the details. When you think a lot about fairytales they can be quite strange, and as usual I have to try to make sense of the story enough to draw it, without worrying too much about the logic. Here's a sneak peek of Puss in Boots presenting his gift to the King:


Kristy May 05, 2006  

Beautiful!Just don't tie a double bow as my little ring bearer brother did as he was so scared the rings would fall off.We couldn't get the rings loose in the ceremony and nearly had to send out for scissors!

laura capello May 05, 2006  

That is a lovely pillow, but I do think a ribbon would be a final touch.

Anonymous,  May 05, 2006  

The covered buttons are FAB!

Alexis May 05, 2006  

You have so many great ideas - I love reading about your projects. Very inspiring! I love the pillow - beautiful!

jen v May 05, 2006  

Your pillow is absolutely breathtaking. I wish I was getting married so I could talk you into making one for me. :)

Anonymous,  May 05, 2006  

Claire, this is such a sweet idea. I wish I would have thought of making more handmade things for my wedding. I also have wished we'd had a smaller wedding. You won't regret the size and oh the memories you'll have of all these lovely touches!

gkgirl May 06, 2006  

that pillow is sweet!
love the color!

julie May 06, 2006  

The pillow is really lovely (Im for the ribbon) and the illustration is great.
I know what you mean about fairytales and the storylines - its the same with old nursery rhymes - sometimes they are not so nice e.g Rock-a-bye-baby

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