Moss green banjo scarf

>> Friday, May 12, 2006

This is another recent scarf I made. It's a long (70 inch) skinny (2.5 inch) scarf from two skeins of elsebeth lavold Angora, which is 60% Angora, 20% Wool and 20% Polyamide. It's a rich mossy green.I used a cable pattern called banjo stitch that I found in one of my knitting books. I added a two stitch rib on each side and an inch of k1 p1 ribbing on each end, then I blocked it to flatten it out. I've also finished my lace rabbit tracks scarf now, so I'm thinking of putting the banjo scarf into my etsy shop. Here's a detail of the banjo cable stitch. It's a bit complicated, this one is a 16-row repeat.Lovely for cool Spring evenings!


ofpinsandneedles May 13, 2006  

I love it! The colour is perfect, and the stitch would be perfect for a musician. I know quite a few of those... Do you mind me asking which book you found the stitch in?

Susan Mitchell May 13, 2006  

Whew! I haven't had much time to visit lately, but you have made SO MUCH STUFF! You are very talented, everything you make is beautiful!

Claire Louise Milne May 13, 2006  

THe book I found the stitch in is called Good Housekeeping knitting - it's quite old. But I did notice the banjo cable stitch being used in a pattern in the current Vogue knitting magazine. I think I may have seen it in other books too.

Anonymous,  May 15, 2006  

you seriously knit the best scarves ever.... i love the colour! and the pattern... i wish i could knit like you....

Anonymous,  May 15, 2006  

Quite lovely scarves you've been knitting these days! The Banjo scarf is so cool.

molly | May 15, 2006  

claire I LOVE this banjo pattern. It is so neat, i've never seen it before. Maybe I love it so much because when I was in third grade adn they asked me what instrument I wanted to play in the orchestra, I said, "the banjo"!! :)

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