Shhh... orchid blooming

>> Thursday, February 03, 2011

This has never happened for me before. I love orchids so much and I keep them and try to look after them once they've stopped blooming but I've never had one bloom again. The closest I got was a stem and some buds but they dried up and died. Heartbreaking.
So this is very exciting for me. This orchid was a present from my parents on my birthday last year, with large gorgeous purple blooms. As you can see the buds already look a little purple. I'm taking pictures just in case something goes wrong. I think last time my other orchid tried to bloom I must have changed something. Too much watering maybe. So right now I'm trying not to change a thing. And crossing my fingers!

Please leave a comment if you have any general suggestions. This orchid has a spot on the windowsill over the sink so it gets a medium amount of light, occasional steam from the kettle and light watering with warm water not very often. I try to wait until the soil feels dry. And of course in the winter I never open the window so it won't get a chill! It also has another orchid for company. I have some food... not sure if I should give it some now?

Incidentally, I try to take pictures with a nice plain background, so if my home looks like a tidy haven of tranquility, the fact is there's a big mess right behind me.


BoogaJ February 03, 2011  

My orchid is blooming again too! I've never had one do that and I was so excited to see the first flower open a few days ago. I just make sure mine has light and water it every 3 days or so -- not too much water though! Good luck with yours, it looks like it will be blooming soon!

sweetie pie press February 03, 2011  

one of mine is blooming, too!

mine always suffer from only0three-blooms. i have no idea what that means.

tips: don't move it too much. also, orchids are sensitive to salt so distilled water is better than tap water for them. but phalenopsis orchids are pretty hearty, so most of this stuff doesn't matter.

sew nancy February 03, 2011  

Oh! This is very exciting. I had one look like it was going to bloom the following year like you did only to wither. It was very sad. I hope to have some success with orchids someday.

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