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>> Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I haven't posted any spinning for a while but I haven't abandoned it. It felt so good to get that bowl finished so I thought I would tackle some of my unfinished spinning. Plus I have a good adjustable niddy noddy tip!
This yarn started with a blue Cheviot from Pleasurecraft. I spun it up without really knowing what I would do with it, then left it on a bobbin for a while. These wooden bobbins are so nice, they're vintage, I found them on ebay. I bought a few and they're perfect for storing your singles before you decide what to do with them.

So then I finally finished spinning those sailboat batts I made a long time ago. Unlike a lot of my other handspun yarn that's variegated, these spun up with an overall tweedy kind of look.
I didn't have that much, so I decided to ply the sailboat single together with the blue cheviot. It worked out really well, the solid blue evened out the colour a bit and I ended up with a bigger skein of thicker yarn.

So on to the adjustable niddy noddy tip I had. Here's a picture of my niddy noddy with the yarn wound around it:
To make skeins you wind the yarn around the niddy noddy. If you need help, there are Youtube videos that will show you how.  You end up with a long loop:

There are niddy noddies for sample size skeins, medium sized and larger skeins. But when you take it apart it's just two curved end pieces with a dowel in the middle.
So once I had bought a sample sized niddy noddy (which is what I had found at Romni Wool) I realized I could make it adjustable by adding different lengths of dowel. I bought one large length of dowel at Home Depot, then Bradley cut it into a few standard lengths. The skeins can be any length you want but there are standard lengths that some prefer so you could look up those to match them if you want.
This is the finished skein.  Another thing that can be demonstrated better than described. But basically you put a finger in each end and twist the loop. Then bend it in the middle and the two sides will twist around each other. Then tuck the end of one side into the loop on the other side.

When I'm ready to knit or crochet I wind the skein into a centre pull ball with a nostepinne but that's another post.


Rachel February 24, 2011  

Very pretty yarn. I have a niddy noddy made from PVC and fittings. I intending to cut more center posts for it for the different sizes. Maybe I should just figure out what size is easiest to wind off the back of a chair and cut a piece for that size. :)

kristyn February 24, 2011  

so lovely! once again, it is nice to see the results of collaboration!

andrea creates February 27, 2011  

oh wow! love the yarn, so pretty! and the baskets-very fun. will you be making them for the shop?
have a super weekend :)

Claire Louise Milne February 27, 2011  

Thanks Andrea, I have put handspun in my shop a couple of times, but I've found it's hard to price as each skein takes a few days! So I usually hoard it for myself :)

But I do use it for my crocheted pincushions which are in my shop.

I may put some bowls in sometime but I had a look and it turns out there's a quite a few talented felted bowl makers on Etsy already!

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