Coffee cup sleeves

>> Tuesday, February 15, 2011

I try to have a mug that I take to coffee shops but sometimes I forget. But on the rare occasions when I'm taking out a hot drink in a paper cup I feel bad taking a cardboard sleeve. I mean, how hard could it be to just sew one up?

It was a tiny bit trickier than I thought as I wanted just a simple tube, and after confidently sewing the lining to the outer fabric along the top and the bottom (and leaving a gap of course). I came across the same topological problem when lining a sleeveless dress. Now I know why so many of them have velcro or button closures, or at least are made in one long piece then sewn together.
But I figured it out and came up with a nice simple design that I really like. Then I made a bunch for my shop. I even cut into some small (hence precious) Japanese imported fabric pieces I had:
Then I made one for Bradley with an embroidered Zelda Triforce symbol on it. Which Francis took to make a king hat from:
So there you go, another miniscule tick on the insurmountable to-do list of my life.


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