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>> Monday, February 14, 2011

I found another helpful page for blogging Etsy Treasuries on Craft Cult. Even more fun, you can enter your Etsy name and it will give you a list of Treasuries that you are featured in or that you have made. I've been featured in 37 Treasuries!

Here's a sample of the widget showing a new treasury by Andrea. I love green and I thought it was perfect for feeling like Spring is around the corner. Andrea's blog, Andrea Creates, is really nice too, you can have a peek here.

I love figuring out new things like this because sometimes there are just too many technical things out there. It can feel overwhelming at times and hard to keep up. Although I think I'm inordinately proud of figuring out things it takes 10 minutes to look up online...

p.s. I keep meaning to mention it, but I also have a few wristlets for sale at Nathalie-Roze & Co. They're tucked here and there around the shop.


andrea creates February 17, 2011  

Hi there- you're so welcome, your wristlet fits in perfectly!
and thanks for sharing it here-it's my first treasury and i'm amazed at the attention it's gotten :)

i hear you with the techy stuff-i've added these to my blog so many different ways but i think this one is the easiest for me too...

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