Magnolia branches

>> Tuesday, March 01, 2011

This kind of thing doesn't usually happen to me, but the other day Bradley brought home a branch he found on the sidewalk. It was Valentine's day and he was bringing me some flowers, but noticed the branch and thought I might like it too.

We thought it was a pussywillow branch. I didn't know what would happen but I put it in a vase with some water and clipped the bottoms of the branches. Then I gave up and took the branches out a few days later to wash the vase, but then Bradley noticed one of the buds seem to be opening a bit so I put them back in the water.
The buds kept getting fatter and the furry shells popped off. And inside there was some pink! Then today, the biggest one opened up all the way and revealed itself to be a magnolia flower! I love magnolia trees so much. Someday I would like to have one. But in the meantime I can't believe how pretty this branch is now. It doesn't quite seem real.

I took lots of pictures because it's so lovely, so here's a side view:
In other flower news, the orchid has bloomed at last!
There are two flowers so far. I didn't take a great picture but this one will give you the general idea.

Speaking of not-great pictures, my photos keep having shadows in the corners. Is my camera dying or am I doing something wrong?? If anyone knows I'd love to hear from you. I can fix a bit of vignetting easily in Photoshop, and sometimes I like the effect, but maybe something's not right here.


sew nancy March 01, 2011  

Oh goodness, I absolutely love magnolias too! That is so exciting about the surprise branch and also that your orchid bloomed for you again.
Not sure why your camera is acting up though.

Jend222,  March 02, 2011  


Could the camera be the lighting around the image you are photographing?

Caitlin Rose March 02, 2011  

That is a really sweet story Claire, It almost seems like it's from a children's story book.

sweetie pie press March 03, 2011  

the vignetting is normal. usually it is influenced by your choice of lens. have you started using a new lens?

Claire Louise Milne March 03, 2011  

thanks everyone!
that's reassuring, becky, I think I just starting noticing it more lately.
it's just a point and shoot Canon A80 - no changing of lenses.

Jenifir March 26, 2011  

The magnolia is stunning! A truly romantic surprise.

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