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>> Monday, February 08, 2010

So this is the new wallet that I mentioned in my last post. I made it from a thick piece of wool fabric and I think that was a nice way to make it sort of soft and cushy without using any interfacing or such. The tricky part was really just figuring out the steps to sew a wallet together.
If you want to make one in this style, just measure the size you would like the wallet to be, ie. the main panel, and decide how many compartments you need to fit the things you need. You'll need to have fairly good sewing skills to follow this, ideally you'll have made similar types of things. Then here are the general steps:

Get started
Create your pattern pieces with paper or cardstock (so you can make another one later!) then cut out the fabric, I recommend linings for the pockets to add structure and give a nice finished look. Embellish the outer panel of the wallet as you wish. I added lace, you could add an inset quilted panel, applique, or anything you like.
Bottom cards section with large slip pocket
1. The card dividers should all be the same height to fit your cards, and the same width as the main panel of the wallet. Attach each to its lining at the top side, turn right side out and press.
2. Attach main slip pocket to its lining, turn right side out and press.
3. Attach card dividers onto main slip pocket. Attach the top divider first, stitching the sides and bottom so that the cards will stay in place with the top of the card showing. Then layer extra dividers on top, each one lower than the last.
4. Stitch a dividing column down the middle.

Top zipper pocket section
1. Create the main slip pocket, sew to its lining, turn right side out and press
2. Sew the zipper to the front of the zipper pocket pieces and its lining
2. Fold in the bottom of the zipper pocket (the outside and lining) and top stitch onto slip pocket.
1. Sew tab to its lining, at the sides and bottom, turn right side out and press, the tab can be square or rounded
2. Top stitch tab (if you wish) and add a snap
3. Attach the tab to the outer panel of the wallet
4. Add the other half of the snap to the outer panel of the wallet
1. Attach bottom pocket panel and top zipper pocket panel to the lining
2. Pin the outer panel of the wallet to the lining/pockets with right sides facing in. The tab will be on the inside. Make sure you have it the right way around, ie. the snap is at the top. Stitch all the way around, leaving a gap a few inches wide at the bottom.
3. Trim off the four corners, close to the stitching but careful not to snip too close!
3. Turn right side out and press, slip stitch the gap closed.

I know it sounds like a lot of work but once you work your way through the first one you will know how to do it and can make one to suit you exactly. I love mine so much. I feel much more organized and I've been getting lots of compliments on it. I'm planning to make some to put in my shop soon. So if after reading all those steps you're thinking "there's no way I'm going to sew that", but you still want one like this, you can find one there!

If anyone is interested in a full pattern for this, leave a comment and if there's enough interest I could make one and put it in my shop..


Sarah J. February 09, 2010  

Again, loving the fabric choices. And the lace? So cute!

Rachel February 09, 2010  

Beautiful job. I wish this would translate to a pocket wallet.

Claire Louise Milne February 10, 2010  

Thank you!
Hmmm... I'd like a pocket wallet too, maybe I'll try that soon.

J. E. Morris February 10, 2010  

Very cute. I really like your fabric choices.

gideonmommasita February 10, 2010  

Wonderful! Very good directions, I may never have to buy another wallet. I agree that your fabric choice is excellante!

Anonymous,  January 20, 2012  

Can I get the pattern please??

Anonymous,  January 20, 2012  

Can I get the pattern please?

Mama Meg May 15, 2012  

Pattern Please

Julia November 30, 2012  

Really cool! Pattern here too please!

Anonymous,  October 05, 2013  

Great and beautiful ideas. May I please have the pattern for this?

Anonymous,  December 28, 2013  

Can i get pattern, please....

Unknown September 09, 2014  

Elegant looking.. I want to make one myself :-).. May I have the pattern for this please?

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