Lilac yarn

>> Thursday, February 11, 2010

This is the finished yarn that I made with the merino I dyed recently. I divided the top into 5 parts lengthwise, then pre-drafted a little bit. I was trying to spin thicker yarn than I've been spinning lately, and to spin it thick and thin. But it turns out that once you've been spinning for a while it starts to get a bit automatic. So this yarn turned out thinner than I planned and more even.
You can see the thick and thinness in the picture of the single above..
And this is the result. When I first started to spin I really wanted to spin thin yarn, but it can be time consuming and I thought it would be nice to have a thick single with this yarn. Anyway, as the single turned out a bit thinner than expected I ended up doing a 2-ply after all.
I kind of like the way a yarn will kind of develop as you spin and you sometimes end up with something you didn't expect. In this case I like the way the colours blend together and I'm happy with the results.

Thank you Kristyn for the tips on leftover singles. In this case there was hardly anything leftover and I decided to just keep the last scrap of single and wash it to set the twist. I think I'll make a tiny pincushion with it or something like that. I actually like the single a lot, so in future I think I'll try keeping more of my handspun unplied.

Thank you to all you spinners who leave me tips and suggestions as comments, I appreciate every one and do always get around to trying them eventually!


Cele February 11, 2010  

Oh lovely, the colours are amazing.
Beautiful photographs too.

J. E. Morris February 12, 2010  

Ooo, this is really gorgeous. BTW, I finally have a little inch long thing that sort of looks like the cuff of a sock :) Hope someday I'm good enough to use yarn as lovely as yours.

~ Phyllis ~ February 13, 2010  

Claire, Your yarn is beautiful. I love the various shades of purple and lilac. You are really doing a wonderful job with your spindle spinning.

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