Barkcloth messengers

>> Thursday, February 18, 2010

I have two new barkcloth messenger bags in my new shop now. I think these are the last I'll be making in this style. I kept a smaller one for myself... I wish I had more of that print!
It's a charming country scene with houses, a church, a mill, a farmer's field, a forest and an orchard. Quite a lot for one print, but the simple style and limited colour scheme really ties it all together!

This is the second bag made with a tropical barkcloth.
This is the last I have of that print as well... I often find fairly small pieces of barkcloth but luckily just a little goes a long way.
Can you imagine, most of these pieces of barkcloth used to be curtains!

Coming up soon, I've cut out lots of fabric for some Sweethaven bags, and finished sewing up the first one. It's a combination of red and pink fabric with a white doily applique.


Amber February 18, 2010  

I wish I could say I needed another messenger right now because these are perfection! What finds on the fabric too, love love love!!! I can not imagine what that top one was doing as a curtain, what room does that fit into LOL?

Cele February 19, 2010  

Now these are Very nice bags, the barkcloth is lovely. It's very hard wearing too, unfortunately it can be difficult to find. The patterns are great.

Fine Hand February 19, 2010  

love the little woodland is fabulous with the solid blue and green!

Alexandra February 19, 2010  

I LOVE the second one (both but the second one in particular) and wish wish wish I had spare money to buy it. Beautiful.

Carolyn McNeil February 20, 2010  

They are both great! Curtains? Reminds me of "Gone With the Wind" - at least you aren't wearing them!
An encyclopedia of needlepoint stitches…

Gina February 25, 2010  

Great Bags...Love the fabric in the first photo, what a treasure.

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