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>> Wednesday, February 10, 2010

As usual the Love & Rummage show was so fun. While I didn't have a table there (and really it's for the best as I've been sick for the past few weeks with not one but two different colds) I delivered a repaired needle book to Becky, and picked up a giant bag of envelopes from her.

As usual there was a whole lot of fun rummage and handmade goodness. I bought some quilt batting while I was there - a bamboo/cotton blend that feels so nice you wish it was on the outside - then had a rummage through Karyn's fabric scraps. I always find good things when Karyn dips into her basement. And look at the results here, amazing!
 Notebook by Leah Bukareff of Coldsnap Bindery

But best of all I swapped a mustard linen needle book with the lovely and talented Leah Bukareff of Coldsnap Bindery. I couldn't believe my luck that she was interested in swapping as I've been covetting this beautiful yellow notebook ever since I saw it at City of Craft. I love it so much. I want to frame it and hang it on the wall and gaze at it. But I know notebooks are meant to be used...

Ok just one more look at the beautiful embroidery:


karyn February 11, 2010  

i always love to see what the rummage turns into... especially that tartan!

leah b February 17, 2010  

i love my needlebook! i've organized my small pointy tools and it tests great for travel - did a little mending on a long train ride this last weekend!

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