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>> Friday, August 14, 2009

So I've taken to calling it my studio, but it's really a combination of crafts room and art studio. It feels like an incredible luxury to have my own workroom for sewing and painting. And it's pretty much done, I just need a new light fixture!

I bought a desk from craigslist to have a practical working surface. It's a really big heavy desk with lots of storage for only $20. Well it quickly became covered with a mish-mash of crafts supplies. You know how it is! So I decided I needed some open shelves.
Yesterday I finished making the shelves. There was lots of lumber left in our garage when we moved in and I asked Bradley to cut one big plank into three pieces. They were a bit rough, but after a quick sand to avoid the really splintery bits, I primed and painted and they were fine. The brackets are from IKEA.The shades for the window are also from IKEA. They're patterned panel curtains that I like for their lacy look. (inspired by Fieldguided's beautiful room with lace covered window) I had bought them for our old house bedroom but they didn't really work out there. So it was great to find the perfect spot in our new house.

So, the south wall has the desk and open shelves with a little bench under the window.The east wall has my two secretary desks. The desk on the right has crafts supplies and the one on the left has art supplies. It helps keep things organized so that I can actually find things.The north wall has my fabric cabinet with vintage tins on top with extra sewing notions.This room has a pretty decorative vent cover and lovely dark hardwood floors. So painting was the only thing I needed to do (again because of holes in the walls after electrical work). The walls are painted in CIL Wedding White, which I think is similar to Benjamin Moore's Swiss Coffee. It's a nice bright white. The shelves were painted to match the trim in Cloud White. Just for fun, I searched under "craft room" on Flickr and found lots of inspiring pictures. You can see my favourites here. I love the fact that I'm not the only one with boxes and baskets and jars and cabinets and shelves bursting with supplies. There's a comfortable solidarity in it.


Kathleen Kibblehouse August 16, 2009  

This is great and so inspiring to me right now! I am getting ready to move from PA to MO and house shopping soon. This time around I get my OWN ROOM (!) for painting and sewing. I am overwhelmed at how to set it up because I have a lot of stuff - esp fabric. I use those rectangular ceramic planters you see everywhere that flower arrangements come in to store folded fat quarters. They are great for most anything, look great, and are fun to hunt for at thrift stores and yard sales. Your room looks adorable and eclectic - love the vintage tins on top of cabinet! You may never want to leave that room. Thanks for sharing with us.

Lucie August 20, 2009  

I have been meaning to drop you a line to say how much I like your new studio. Actually, I have liked all three of your studios. This one is so fresh and organized, it is going to be a joy to work in.

robyn September 06, 2009  

Claire, your new studio is incredibly adorable! I love it all, especially the shelves and the ribbon rack and the chair and the secretary desks. OK, so everything. P.S., I just discovered your blog and am hooked.


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