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>> Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Here's a mini makeover that I think anyone could do in a day and create a pretty way to organize your ribbons in your craft room. I figure if things are handy (and easy to find) you're more likely to use them.
I found this spice rack at a local yard sale for 50 cents. The wood wasn't great, but I imagined it primed and painted white.

At first I wasn't sure what I would put on it, and when I tried some ribbon spools they looked like they would fall out. Then I realized, duh, that once the rack was on the wall it would prevent things from falling out the back. I placed the rack just above my thread rack, which is the next thing to get painted white. I don't want to be boring, but I just love how colours look against a white background.
I managed to fit almost all of my ribbon, except the yellow ones and my lace. I need another spice rack! As I've mentioned before (you can click on the "ribbons" label to see other posts on the subject) I usually wind the ribbons onto bits of cardboard rolls until I have a wooden spool free. It's a great way to use your old wooden spools once the thread is gone.


modest-goddess August 18, 2009  

this was very clever

Nichole August 18, 2009  

I like the white on the white walls much better than if it were to remain brown. The brown wood color just makes it look so heavy...the white is more calming...and you're right, it allows for the ribbon's colors to shine.

karyn August 18, 2009  

i wrap bits of trim and bias tape around old wooden spools now because you! it's a great idea that looks so cute. great makeover on the spice rack.

Natasha August 19, 2009  

Oh this is great, I did one similar but smaller and use it to hold my thread! I would love to find on with a drawer!! Very cute.

Karin August 19, 2009  

They look lovely! A great example of crafty recycling! :)

ten finger workshop August 19, 2009  

such a great idea, I'll have to keep my eyes peeled for a similar shelf ( or did I just get rid of one??)
love the studio shots.

sweetie pie press August 19, 2009  

you are full of great tips today. why am i so thick that i have a bunch of empty wooden spools and a bunch of wrinkling ribbon right now. off to organize!

~ Phyllis ~ January 30, 2010  

I have one of those that looks almost identical to yours. Mine belonged to my Grandmother. She used her's as a spice rack.
You have given me a great idea. Thanks for sharing and posting pictures.
Your's looks great. You have done a wonderful job.

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