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>> Thursday, December 06, 2007

Things are really coming along now, the large kitchen and hall tiles are almost completely installed. There's just this last patch in the hall and 2nd closet to do. The tiles look white but they're actually very very pale grey with tiny matchstick lines of grey and white. They'll also look nicer once the grout is added. It's going to be a light grey so there won't be such dark lines between the tiles.

To the left you can see the bathroom is almost finished too. It doesn't look perfect, but I know it will once the grout is there. We've been visiting the house throughout the project and we can see that this job has been done with careful attention to detail, things we didn't even think about ourselves. Once we add the new baseboards, paint the walls and return the clawfoot tub and new vanity it's going to be really nice I think. Right now the pattern is a little hard on the eyes, mostly due to the dark lines between the tiles.
They've also done more work on the walls where the tiles were removed and they're looking really good. I know once we prime we'll see places we have to touch up a bit here and there but that's easily done.So far so good...


Jaimie December 06, 2007  

Looking good! (hey, why do we have to sign up for a Google account now?) As you say, the grout will make a big different to the overall look. When are you moving back in?

Claire Louise Milne December 06, 2007  

I didn't change any settings, I guess it's blogspot.. thanks for the extra effort, I appreciate the comments. We're going to be at home in the day this weekend (so I can prepare for the craft show) but not sure when the plumbing is getting hooked up again.

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