Mini barkcloth sketching case

>> Monday, December 03, 2007

Just in case it's possible you're tired of seeing our cracked walls and subflooring...this is a crafts project I made earlier last month and didn't post yet. I bought these pretty barkcloth curtains on ebay and was looking for something to make with them. This is back when we could put our laundry out on the line! This post will also serve as a tutorial if you'd like to make this style of bag.

These are the fabrics I chose:
Here are the pieces cut out, two squares for the lining and two squares for the outside. Then two pieces to seam together for the flap:
This is the flap seamed together then overstitched:
The two squares are sewn together then box corners added to both the outside and lining:
The flap is lined, turned right side out then pressed:
Tuck the flap and handles strap in between your outside and lining and pin in place. I added my label to the outside first:
Voila! A cute case for a small sketchbook and pencil.
And here's the front of the finished case:
I entered this in the sewbeit contest but didn't win... It sounds like the other entries were more creative. But I love the case anyway so it was good to have the contest to motivate me to sew it and take a break from other work. And there's lots more barkcloth so hopefully I'll make some other things with it for the sale.


Anja Verdugo December 03, 2007  

Wow, I love the end result. The colors are perfect! Even if you didn't win, it is still a great little satchel.

Jannie aka Chickengirl December 03, 2007  

Love love love. I love the fact that its a sketching case. Makes me want to take it out and draw on site. It looks sooo well made too.

rasita December 03, 2007  

That is a great sketching case. I might make something similar for my sister for xmas. I had made one similar to that earlier on in the year out of soft kangaroo leather (the stuff which is as thick as canvas and soft as suede). It was a bit of a challenge to sew but my machine handled it well and it turned out great.


Anonymous,  December 03, 2007  

That is crazy adorable.

Claire Louise Milne December 03, 2007  

thank you! what nice comments.

Jayne December 04, 2007  

Love it! The barkcloth is great, and the way you centered the design on the flap made me remember my grandmother's quilt pieces and how she carefully cut them out so the design on the fabric looked just right. You're so talented.

elisabetha December 04, 2007  

what a cute bag!! i love your choice of lining & strap - everything matches perfectly.

emdot December 04, 2007  

Oh oh! That is just the cutest bag! I love the material and the pattern/design. Clever, functional. I want I want!

Mary Louise December 06, 2007  

This is amazing!So adorable, nice clean lines. I love the fabric combination. You should sell these.

Donna December 09, 2007  

Being the barkcloth nut I am I LOVE what you did with the curtains.

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