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>> Tuesday, December 04, 2007

I spied this fabric at the Designer Fabric Outlet store on Queen West (1360 Queen St. W, between Dufferin and Landsdowne) recently. This store is amazing, they have, if anything, too much choice. My favourite part is that all the fabric is in small swatches on hangers, organized by fiber, colour and pattern, and so it's very easy to browse through. My friend Sarah and I spent ages in there. Don't forget to go upstairs for extra fabric on bolts - and even more choices.As promised I'm showcasing some of the things I'm making for my table at the Artisan's Gift Fair this Sunday. I thought this fabric was really gorgeous and perfect for a evening bag. I love the colour scheme of tan, grey, white, black and red. Also the black parts of the flowers are velvet and very soft. Since I'm not home I don't have all my fabric with me, so it's lined with some of the linen I bought. Usually linen is a bit pricey for a lining but since I don't have anything else with me, this bag is just that much more special. There's a pocket inside, and I'll be adding a snap or button clasp when I get home.

I have a dressy black dress that needs something just like this to go with it! Just one question, should the closure be a snap or button? A snap is more practical and easier to open and close but a button could be prettier. What do you think?


Jayne December 04, 2007  

I say, a button closure. I'm guessing you have a button collection, and I bet it has some really pretty vintage ones.

Knitty, Vintage and Rosy December 07, 2007  

You went to to the Designer Fabric Outlet without me? I looove that place. I have gotten the most delightful fabrics there.

Things are really progressing over there! That's great. Hope all is cleaned up and marvy for Christmas.

PS I was looking at that turquoise fabric in your previous post trying tho think where I have seen it before? I think we have the same ironing board cover ;)

SarahBeez June 28, 2009  

I found your blog searching for Amy Butler's Weekender bag and I came across this post... What is this purse!? I love it!! Is it your pattern? Do you sell the purse? I didn't see it in your shop.

Claire Louise Milne June 29, 2009  

Hi Sarah,
Thanks! I didn't get your email but if you like I have this purse and can put it in my shop for you. I will put it in the shop Monday.

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