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>> Thursday, October 04, 2007

Thank you for the nice comments on my last post, I've been wanting to reply but your email addresses aren't usually linked to the comments I receive so I didn't manage to. Sometimes I reply to questions in the comment section but I don't know for sure if anyone sees.

So to answer about the craft sale idea (thanks again for asking where I'll be!), I was thinking of the One of a Kind sale but I've heard it's a bit expensive and I felt a bit intimidated to start there. I decided that I'd like to try the sale at the Tranzac Club instead - The Artisans Gift Fair. I used to live in the annex and went there a lot for events. It's on Brunswick Ave. just south of Bloor St. The neighbourhood is familiar and it's easy to get to the Tranzac from our new house, and the tables are really affordable. I'll keep you posted once I apply and know which date I'll be there.
So what else is new? I just finished a promo (above) for our Illustration for Kids group (and posted on our group blog about it) and did another little illustration (at the top of this post) for the Picture Bookies showcase theme "asleep". And I've been updating my online portfolios.

And speaking of painting, I've almost finished painting the kitchen cabinets. It looks so easy on Take this House and Sell It, but it certainly wasn't for me. It's taken ages: removing the cabinets, removing the old hinges, washing the cabinets, filling the holes from the old knobs that were in the middle of the doors, sanding (sort of) and priming the cabinets, painting, painting again, painting a 3rd time, attaching the new hinges (more drilling as, again, the holes were not quite in the same place), drilling holes and attaching the new knobs, attaching new drawer handles after enlarging the holes which were just a teeny bit too close together, and finally touch-ups galore. Phew! Pictures to follow in a new post...

Also, I managed to scrape the stucco off of our bathroom ceiling so that it's now nice and smooth and will look great once we fill some small holes and paint it. This was in anticipation of putting up our new shower kit, now that we've put in new plumbing (see new faucet above). In case you ever want to try this, our stucco wasn't ever painted which means all it took was some spritzing with water and gentle scraping with a putty knife. And hours of clean-up once the ceiling ended up on the floor!

This was the old faucet - covered with a peeling chrome laminate

Once all this drudgery is behind us (someday, not sure when), I look forward to having fun with decorating. Design sponge has created a bunch of Flickr sets that have really inspired me. This beautiful bedroom. This pretty craft corner. This living room. And now come on, this little guy is just adorable.


sew nancy October 04, 2007  

i love the little sleeping elf
oh, and i agree laura n. apt. is amazing...

Kimberly October 10, 2007  

love love love your illustrations!

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