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>> Friday, September 28, 2007

I've been hoping for years to have lots of things made and be able to rent a table at a Fall/Christmas crafts sale. I've decided this year I'm finally going to do it. I've even ordered "needle book" fabric labels to put in my things. I was inspired recently by Practically necessary's barkcloth bags. I finally won a little bit of barkcloth on ebay and made some messenger bags. I love how they turned out, the hard part will be parting with them.I've also been making granny bags after creating a pattern for myself. A bit tricky but I think anyone could do it. Mine are all one-of-a-kind, depending on how big I want to make them, the amount of fabric I have and where I feel like putting the pleats. I make coordinating lined pockets to go inside and of course attach those before assembling the bag.

I like this one, from a wool tweed:

This ones is from my Cath Kidston circus fabric with olive green straps:
And I've made a bunch of pouches:
My favourite pouch is made from Liberty fabric:My favourite fabric these days is still the scenic barkcloth and I'm trying to buy more on ebay, but I keep getting snipered with 5 seconds to go! One auction went from $75 to $225 in the last 5 seconds. My maximum bid was $220 for 10 yards of barkcloth which I already thought was high. But I loved the pattern and I was very disappointed. It was part of my new plan to think big, and invest in my craft business a bit more so I could make enough things to have a proper table.

It may be for the best though because my dining table is still covered with stacks of fabric...but that's another story.


Kinoko September 28, 2007  

Good on you for going for it! You've made a lot already and they're all very beautiful

sew nancy September 28, 2007  

I also plan to try to a christmas craft table this year which reminds me that I need to contact the women who organizes it.
I like the barkcloth fabric you chose for the messenger bag.
Did you order the iron in labels? If so, from whom did you order. Thanks

Anonymous,  September 28, 2007  

I live in the toronto area and wondered what craft sales you were planning on selling at?

Abigail September 28, 2007  

The bag with the village on it is really cute!

Starla September 29, 2007  

here's a tip for sniping that someone taught me....
have 2 windows open. one of them just to keep refreshing the item. the other one, you have your bid already typed in and ready to click confirm. be sure you are on that very last confirm window. then just keep hitting refresh until the last 2 seconds. then quickly click ok. the only problem with this strategy is you have to know your absolute limit. because you won't have a second chance to enter another amount. just remember, you have to be in that second confirmation window when you have your amount in, not the first. hope that helps! :)

Hurrayic September 29, 2007  

I like the scenic fabric. Hope you do well on your plan with the Christmas table.

Jannie aka Chickengirl September 30, 2007  

wow u've been sewing up a storm! All the stuff looks great.

Mary Beth October 01, 2007  

I'm making zippered pouches this year for Christmas gifts and your beautiful ones are so inspiring! Love those fabrics. And that circus bag is fabulous.

Amanda Jean October 01, 2007  

your pleated bags are wonderful! good luck with your craft sale.

Heather October 03, 2007  

I'm with Margaret! Where are you going to be? A local church? One of a Kind? Signatures? Wherever you sell I'm sure it will be a huge success. Please make sure to let us know so we can come support you!!

Alyssa Thomas October 04, 2007  

GORGEOUS BAGS!!! I love the barkcloth ones. I totally want that first messenger bag. Good luck with the sale!

Anonymous,  October 04, 2007  

I love these bags, I love your determination to make this business happen, and if I lived nearby I would come to your table and buy things from you....

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