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>> Tuesday, October 09, 2007

After: a new knocker, lock and doorknob and the mail slot is now painted to match

There is nothing like a freshly painted front door. Our front door was a fairly decent solid door made from medium brown not-great-quality wood.
Before: the plain front door, old caramel wall colour and awkward shelf on the wall

I filled in the scratches and painted it white to match the trim, and Bradley added a new brushed nickel lock and door knob. I added a matching knocker and all it needs now is a fall wreath. I'd like to make something with acorns... I've always wanted to make this one, there isn't a picture of the finished wreath, but perhaps you remember it. The leaves are also velvet.
After: this corner is much brighter now, especially in the afternoon when the sun comes down the hall from the back of the house


Anonymous,  October 10, 2007  

Looks amazing! What a difference.

Anonymous,  October 10, 2007  

Oh, and, speaking of wreaths ... now you have a whole new house in which to place the candy wreath I made you last year (if you didn't eat it, that is ... I think ours became mummified from hanging on our front door, so I'm hauling it out again this year.)

Heather October 11, 2007  

Lovely difference!!!

lissilulu October 11, 2007  

wow...paint is awesome.
this past three weeks in between rainy days I have painted my picket fence crisp white....phew...sure looks great now.
like your bird bags.

Mary Beth October 11, 2007  

I love your paint job. It's amazing how it transforms the door and that whole corner!

Anette Heiberg October 12, 2007  

It looks so much better. You've done a great job!

Anette Heiberg
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