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>> Friday, October 12, 2007

I was so happy with how painting the cabinets has transformed our kitchen I'm going to show some "before" and "after"s, but there are still more changes to come. For those of you with something similar going on in your kitchen, I can tell you that this was our most affordable makeover yet at under $150. We had some leftover 1-2-3 primer, the cabinet paint (Debbie Travis, "cloudy white", semi-gloss latex) was around $40, new white hinges were around $40, new brushed nickel knobs and handles were around $60. Stores often sell these items in packs of ten as well, so you can really save there.

Here's the left side "before", I took this picture in the middle of unpacking. The old knobs were in the middle of the doors. And as I mentioned before the cupboards were made of fake wood laminate. Yuck!

Here's the "after" of the left side. I don't even mind the green countertop so much anymore:
Here's the "before" of the right side. Somehow it was even worse - the whole kitchen felt gloomy:
Here's the "after" of the right side. It's so much more cheerful now:
And this third view is from the eat-in area of the kitchen (not renovated yet) looking back into the galley kitchen area. This shows the wall where we took down a cabinet. Unfortunately the thermostat and an outlet were wedged underneath and cut into the tiling. But later on we plan to redo the tiles in any case. Once you change one thing you realize you need to change other things too. My friend Jaimie inspired me talking about apple green tiles, and Katie Muth's tiles are so pretty.Here's the "after", the pale green wall paint (Debbie Travis, "chiffon", eggshell latex) needs a second coat but you can't really tell that from the photo!We've ordered a new faucet online, the current one is leaky and specializes in going from cold to burning hot and rather than getting it fixed we're going to just replace it with something nicer. And someday we may replace those vinyl floor tiles. It's a constant dilemma deciding how much to spend on the house. I used to think that it was so small we'd definitely need to move soon and shouldn't put too much work into it, but that tiny house in my last post really inspired me. I mean, ours is more than twice as big! I thought we had the smallest house in Toronto but now I see I was quite wrong.

Living in a small space is a fun challenge, making things work on a small scale can be very satisfying. I really believe it's a good thing, you know, environmentally and all that. Too many possessions can weigh you down, I'm always trying to pare down but it's hard because I can be a bit sentimental about things. I'm working on it though.


Anonymous,  October 12, 2007  

What an inspiring reveal! Such a difference. It looks amazing! I love seeing the before and after shots too.

Anonymous,  October 12, 2007  

wow! what a transformation! you did an amazing job. i'm really enjoying your house posts this month as i have dedicated october to redecorating my very small house too! i also want to thank you for reminding me about craigs list for furniture. i've picked up some great pieces lately, thanks to your tip!

Claire Louise Milne October 12, 2007  

Thanks Megan, glad to be helpful. :-)

stuffed October 12, 2007  

Wow! Well done. :0) I have a small 3/1. That's exactly the sort of redo I need to do for resale.

sew nancy October 12, 2007  

what an improvement. i love white cabinetry with green walls. i just saw an house with this combination. we almost got it as ours was the best bid but unfortunately, since our condo doesn't have a contract on it yet they went with someone else. it's so nice to have a clean slate and a new home is the perfect opportunity. congrats on a lovely job on all you have done thus far.

Kerry October 13, 2007  

Beautiful updates - what a difference - Nice work!

ofpinsandneedles October 13, 2007  

Your kitchen looks so lovely now! Very inspiring. I particularly like the pale green paint; it looks like it tie the green counter-top and white cupboards together beautifully. Thank you for showing us all your house pictures!

lissilulu October 13, 2007  

wow...your kitchen looks like its all brand new.
paint is amazing.
each night now I sit at my big living room window and look out at my freshly painted white picket fence and it makes me feel so happy. my kids laugh at me.
i should do a before and after of my fence on my blog....soon, very soon.

Anonymous,  October 14, 2007  

Your kitchen looks fab, it looks like a completely different room. I love the colour combinations, very fresh and crisp :)

Anonymous,  October 15, 2007  

Wow, your transformations are really inspiring. You have a great eye. I love the accent of soft aqua blue - it's so fresh with the white.

Anonymous,  October 15, 2007  

I love before and afters! Looking good......

Heather October 17, 2007  

Very inspiring! What a difference some paint can do!

Anonymous,  October 17, 2007  

hey claire - the kitchen is looking really great!

Anonymous,  October 17, 2007  

Counters are very inexpensive, you should really consider getting a new one since you're going to be changing the faucet. It's just so nice to have a brand new CLEAN counter. But it gets addictive, you change one thing, you want to change everything right down to the drywall...
Also, consider cork for your kitchen floor -- now days it's water-resistant and comes in funky colours. It's also environmentally friendly and nice and warm for the feet...

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