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>> Friday, October 12, 2007

Not that we're looking for a new house, but I was on mls.ca today and came across this adorable little house.

But in case you think the house at 128 Day (pictured above) is excessively large, you may prefer to consider one of the tiny little gems from the Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. My brother is considering building one of these 96-square foot homes in our backyard.

I can't believe we're living in a 650-square foot monstrosity. That's right our house is very small, but as it turns out, not as small as it could be.


Lisa PN October 12, 2007  

Now that is a small house. I will never complain about living in a little space!
I hope you are enjoying the fall!

Heather October 12, 2007  

That house is up for sale again?! hehe It is sooooooo tiny.

Anonymous,  October 12, 2007  

Do the Tumbleweed houses have a bathroom? I see a kitchen on the website but no bathroom shots. 650-sq-ft. monstrosity - ha!

Claire Louise Milne October 12, 2007  

Good question Jaimie! I found this on the website:

What kind of utilities go into the houses?

The materials list for each Kit recommends some of the greenest appliances available including dual flush toilets, and on-demand water heaters and biodiesel heaters. The houses can be positioned for excellent passive solar heating, and photovoltaic panels are easily incorporated.

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