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>> Tuesday, March 29, 2011

As I mentioned in my last post, I've been looking forward to making this sweet pair of Edith Flack Ackley dolls ever since I saw the picture advertising the pattern. This vintage pattern makes a surprisingly small pair of dolls. Well, I was surprised, but also delighted by how nice they are. Also the clothes are removable which I always prefer.
This picture with a teacup gives you an idea of their size.
Like my previous EFA doll, these have a dress, petticoat and pantalettes. The pattern also suggests a necklace and I thought it would nice for them to have matching glass bead necklaces.
If you're thinking of making this pattern yourself I did make some small changes. First of all the pantalettes seem very wide so you would probably want to reduce those - just shave off from the side of the pattern (thanks to Margaret for that tip!). Also the petticoat is not as wide as the skirt so you could make it wider if you want it to be fuller. On the other hand as the doll is so small this can make it bulkier around the waist. For the dress I found the front bodice to be a little wide so I tweaked that too.

Don't be discouraged part way through once you've turned the doll right side out and it seems pathetic and too narrow. Once you firmly stuff and stitch at the joints the doll has a very nice shape. Also I recommend FrayBlock at the areas where you need to trim the seams very closely such as under the arms.
I made a few little changes just to suit me. For example the pattern suggests drawing the shoes on with ink, but I ended up sewing fabric directly on the foot to make the shoes. I thought the wool felt I had on hand would have been too thick. I also stitched a little seam on the arms, just once, so that they bend at the elbow. Just little changes like that.

I love how they turned out and must thank Margaret once again for kindly sharing her pattern.


Jess March 29, 2011  

Those dollies are divine.

DollZandThingZ March 29, 2011  

You did a great job! I have many of these that are vintage. They all look kind of crabby! Some have ink shoes, some have fabric. Your dolls have really nice faces and are quite pretty!

Caitlin Rose March 30, 2011  

you are absolutely so talented. these are amazing. You are definitely skilled with patience and skill for small details in sewing!

Jend222,  March 31, 2011  

very sweet! love that fabric on the blonde doll. can you provide any details?

Claire Louise Milne March 31, 2011  

It's actually from a pillowcase my husband found for me at a thrift store. He thought I would like the fabric, which of course I did.

Jend222,  April 05, 2011  

That's way too awesome for words!

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