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>> Tuesday, March 15, 2011

To Greet a Little Girl - my 1st EFA doll
Another long time to-do item for me was to make a doll from Edith Flack Ackley's wonderful 1938 book, Dolls to Make for Fun and Profit. This book has a lovely collection of cloth dolls to sew charmingly illustrated throughout by Edith's sister Telka Ackley. I've had this book for a long time but didn't get around to making any of the dolls until now.
detail of her embroidered features
One thing that's refreshing about the book is that Edith encourages her readers to make the dolls to sell themselves. It's something I'm considering but I've found after making this first one that they're quite time consuming to make if you're fussy like me, and want the clothes to be removable and the hems finished by hand etc. This particular one has six garments, an undervest, pantalettes, petticoat, dress, pinafore and shoes.
back view
I joined the Yahoo group (edithflackackleydolls), which I recommend if you're interested in these dolls as you can see all the great photos of other dolls made by people in the group. That's also where I found the pattern for this doll, called "To Greet a Little Girl". The book has patterns as well but this one was nice and complete with more specific instructions. I always appreciate it so much when people take the time to share things like this!
the dress without the pinafore
I was inspired by Margaret McInnes' beautiful "Belinda and Lucinda" dolls made from a EFA pattern from 1934. Margaret was kind enough to share her copy of this pattern which you can find on her blog: A Doll Shop of my Own.
Undergarments: undervest, pantelettes and petticoat
So Belinda and Lucinda are the next Edith Flack Ackely dolls I'll be working on. It's hard to explain why a particular thing will captivate you, but this sweet pattern has, and I can't wait to make them.


Anna McClurg March 15, 2011  

oh! this makes me so happy to see this post! i knew that doll looked familiar! i got this book at the library many years ago when i was little and i made a doll using the pattern. actually i think my mom still has it somewhere in a box... i'm so excited to find the pattern online! i adore your doll!! it makes me want to get into doll making again. another fascination as a child was with the book "hitty, her first hundred years." delightful story.

can't wait to see more doll things you make! btw, i love love your beautiful blog! you are so inspiring!

MJ March 16, 2011  

She is wonderful!!!

DollZandThingZ March 16, 2011  

Your doll is lovely! I am glad that you found us on Flickr! Yes, these dolls will captivate you...ask me how I know!

Lovely blog...happy to find it!


Carla March 17, 2011  

She's just beautiful!

Caitlin Rose March 18, 2011  

oh my god Claire! she's so beautiful, I love her cloths, she looks like a rose! please please please sell them, I want to buy her from you so bad! well done, your craftsmanship is amazing!

Claire Louise Milne March 21, 2011  

These comments are so appreciated, I can't tell you. Anyway I've decided to list this doll, and another tiny dollhouse doll. In my shop now!

kirrilli,  March 22, 2011  

It's just gorgeous! How do you colour the cheeks, they're so delicate.

Claire Louise Milne March 22, 2011  

Thank you, the cheeks have rouge, applied with a cotton swab!

Nancy July 09, 2012  

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