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>> Thursday, April 14, 2011

I added MOP buttons to the blouse after finding some truly tiny ones
While I'm also working on larger things - right now it's a wool jacket adapted from a coat pattern - I also keep getting drawn back to the small. In this case, a lovely doll pattern that I've had for years. It was tucked away and I just never seemed to find the right moment to start it.

You know who she is, right?

This pattern fascinates me because there are so many details. There is the doll, of course, with an elaborate hairdo and embroidered face. There are darts in the back of her head that make her head nice and full when stuffed. Then there are the clothes, which include a lace trimmed pettiblouse, lined skirt with tucks and piping detail, stockings, boots, a bowtie, coat, hat, mittens, scarf and last but not least, a carpet bag (that last one surely gives her identity away).
pettiblouse still needs more snaps at the back and lace at the bottom
I managed to complicate things by deciding to make the coat from fabric (with seams and a lining) rather than plain felt (with no seam allowance). And the yarn hair turned out a bit longer than the instructions required so I added the braids to her bun. Also, I wanted a smaller doll so I reduced the pattern to 70%.

But even without that this pattern is a lot of work. I love to think of some parent slaving away at this in the evenings in order to create what I would consider the best present EVER.


Jess April 14, 2011  

She looks practically perfect in every way ;)

Jend222,  April 14, 2011  

Good comment, Jess!

She is sweet. Can't wait to see her finished

Caitlin Rose April 14, 2011  

Claire you are absolutely insane. A coat with a lining! I'm shocked. her hair is amazing by the way. well the whole doll is amazing! but who is she. I couldn't guess?

Tami @ Lemon Tree Tales April 14, 2011  

Even before you mentioned the carpet bag I was thinking that her cute little bowtie, ruffled shirt and hairdo reminded me of a certain sweet but no-nonsense caregiver. I'm thinking that she'll also need a special umbrella too. She's darling!

sew nancy April 14, 2011  


She is amazing.
All your work lately has been really fun to see and very inspiring. The Tiny Handmade Blog is great.

I am a big fan of dolls and dollhouses.

Our special day is coming up. Hope you have a wonderful birthday.


Claire Louise Milne April 15, 2011  

Thanks so much everyone, your comments made my day! As you guessed, it's Mary Poppins. I'm not sure about how I will do the umbrella but I agree she needs one!

Jend222,  April 15, 2011  

I was thinking that she would be lovely too in miniature - dollhouse size.

Good luck with the umbrella, but totally agree that would be the icing on the cake.

Jaimie,  April 20, 2011  

The coat is too dreamy! I also had the same thought - this pattern must have originally been intended for some loving parent to make for a child. What work! What dedication! Sadly, Hazel will never receive exactly such a gift from her mother :)

Unknown April 27, 2011  

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