Purple plum spiral handspun yarn

>> Monday, January 25, 2010

This is a yarn I made a little while ago. I had to hold onto it for a bit but it's up for sale in my shop now. I spun it with some roving that was included with the spindle (pictured above). I wish I knew what the fibre was, because it was lovely to spin. I dyed it with a variety of purples then pre-drafted it into a nice soft big ball of roving:

This is the finished single:

Just to make it come out even I Andean plied it:

I know it looks a little crazy and maybe Andean plying is meant for smaller amounts of yarn. I do like plying with bobbins (I'm going to show how I do that soon), if I have enough yarn, but sometimes when there's just 2 ounces or so I'd rather Andean ply and not worry about having leftover singles. I find it works really well, as long as the single isn't too fine, which can cause tangles.

One new technique I tried while plying was adding little coils/spirals into the yarn by pushing one strand up while the other strand is held in place. Here's a close up so you can see the spirals:
The final effect was subtle, but I thought it turned out well, quite pretty.


~ Phyllis ~ January 30, 2010  

Beautiful yarn. I love the colors.

kristyn February 07, 2010  

when i'm plying from bobbins and there is leftover, I usually unwind the remainder, splice, and ply it onto itself at the end of the skein.
Did that make sense? it blends really well and usually i can't even find the spot where it's spliced later on.

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