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>> Tuesday, January 05, 2010

My illustration for our Fall IFK promo

Ok, so I started blogging a long time ago, and I need to update my blog so that it can have new features. I can't even figure out how to add the "older posts" link at the bottom. So I'm going to update my blog to the new settings, but I will lose all my formatting - things on the sidebar, the header image etc. I'm going to fix all that but it may look like a mess for a bit!

p.s. lots of new things are heading into my etsy shop: wristlets, and soon some needle books and brooches!


Sarah J. January 06, 2010  

I like the new layout already :)

Jannie aka Chickengirl January 06, 2010  

oh wow! Yes, the layout is lookin' very fresh!

Fine Hand January 07, 2010  

Love the new look!

Jaimie,  January 08, 2010  

I like the way the bear still looks quasi-asleep while he's eating his honey.

GardenOfDaisies January 13, 2010  

It looks like you are doing a better job of re-doing your blog than I did. I really messed up a bunch of things...(You don't want to know.) Your blog looks great!!

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