Dyeing merino

>> Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The last few days have been all about wool. I've done some more dyeing with Kool-Aid. I used four plain white merino 50g braids that I bought at Lettuce Knit recently.

This one is called Koi pond:

This one is called Lilac:

and lastly this one is Rusty Ship, because it reminds me of rust on an old ship:

I did two braids in this colourway (100g) so that I would have enough yarn to finish a project. I can't wait to spin these! After spinning plain brown for so long, it's so fun to be spinning colours again. I just finished spinning this corriedale braid from Kristyn of Pleasurecraft:

into this:

Spinning 2-ply is my favourite now. I think this skein is Sport weight (around 14 WPI).

Today I've been doing some drum carding, I rented the Louet Junior drum carder from Lettuce Knit. I'll show that next!


Anonymous,  January 19, 2010  

nice colours with kool aid - pretty amazing. thanks so much for the dolly and the sweet bag too!

you know we also rent the spinning wheels...you should try one!


Amber January 19, 2010  

!!! Those are awesome! Great spinning too - makes me want to get out my wheel tonight!

Sarah J. January 19, 2010  

I'm always amazed at how all the random splashes of colour come together to make the most gorgeous yarn. So fab :)

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