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>> Monday, June 08, 2009

Option A: I think this is my favourite, colours work very well with what's in the room, it has a nice traditional and pretty pattern but the colours don't contrast too much so it's subtle. This one will blend in with the dark floors in a nice way.

As you may recall I had a lot of trouble buying our last wool rug. The store had it online only and for delivery to U.S. customers only.
Option B: The colours in this one work as well and the pattern is really pretty

So now that I'm looking for one for our bedroom I'm glad to say I've found an alternative.
Option C: I like the simple two colour scheme in this one, the colours work perfectly with the rest of the room. The pattern is nice but a little "pointy", maybe not restful enough for a bedroom?

The place I'm getting my bedroom rug is online at csn rugs which now delivers (for free!) to Canada. There are so many great choices, but I've managed to narrow it down to a few favourites.
Option D: I love this one so much. The grey and white work pretty well with the rest of the room, and the pattern is my favourite. So pretty!!

I like traditional rugs, but lately I've been loving all the contemporary rugs I'm seeing in decorating magazines. So when I was searching I narrowed it down to "wool", "contemporary", "floral" & "geometric" and price.
Option E: Again, great colours for the room. I like the modern and geometric pattern, it's a bit more playful. Not that it matters too much, but this one goes nicely with our duvet cover which has ovals in dark brown and blue on a white background.

I'm going to just get a small 2 x 3' rug to sit beside the bed.
Option F: Good colours, and a nice simple graphic pattern. This one will look nice against the floors. It's feminine but not overly so.

I'd like to get your opinions! Here's what the room has already:
• wall colour is Benjamin Moore Gray Mist with white trim
• bedframe is a traditional brass bed painted with Benjamin Moore Cloud White
• chest of drawers painted Cloud White
• dark stained oak floors
• IKEA Stockholm curtains with several shades of brown, grey and sand on a cream background
Option G: Last but not least, this one has a nice gentle colour scheme. Bradley loves this one. But it is going on my side of the bed...

I've shown my favourite choices throughout this post, with comments underneath. Please comment and let me know what you think! I'll show pictures of the rug in our bedroom once it arrives.


Jaimie,  June 09, 2009  

My vote is for option D! Runners-up are the damask options (A and C). Option B is pretty too but I wonder if the colours are too warm?

Heather June 09, 2009  

For me - hands down option D.

susanj June 09, 2009  

I like option D best's modern and pretty and younger looking.
Runner up is A...looks a bit more "serious" but still so nice.

Fine Hand June 09, 2009  

I am going to agree with everyone else...Option D was the one which my eye was immediately drawn to, I think it is soft and delicate..nice and calming for a bedroom. Good luck with your choice!

Alison June 10, 2009  

I don't agree with the other commenters; my first choice for the room would be Option B. The design is soft and pretty and it would be a good bridge color wise between the oak floor and the patterned curtains. My second choice would be Option G, for the same "color reason" This is assuming that you are not wanting the rug to be the focal point of the bedroom. If you want it to be more visually important then I'd choose Option D

chicory cottage June 10, 2009  

i like both option B and option D. both are great!

Anne June 11, 2009  

I will disagree with all the other commenters and say that I like Option A best. It's a traditional design, but the size of the figures in the pattern gives it a modern look. Plus the colors are really nice.

sweetie pie press June 22, 2009  

option b. that's the one i would pick. a little wild (as a bedroom ought to be, in my esteem).

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