Driving in Britain

>> Tuesday, June 23, 2009

My camera is still away (hopefully being fixed) so I don't have any recent pictures. But I wanted to do a post for Bradley who misses driving in Britain. These are some clips from our holiday where we drove from Edinburgh north to Inverness, over to the Isle of Skye, around the Lake District, through a bit of Wales, Dartmoor, then ended up in London. I miss it too!

sheep in the road

cows in the road

through the hills

into Wales


Creative Polyglot June 24, 2009  

Enjoyin the vacations! thats why we dont have any post from you since long. Videos are nice.

Heather June 24, 2009  

This is a trip I'm saving for right now. In fact it was your trip that inspired me! LOL

Shayne,  June 24, 2009  

I live on a farm in Wales and you know, you CAN have too many sheep! :)

Claire Louise Milne June 24, 2009  

Glad I inspired you Heather :-)
Thanks for visiting Shayne, absolutely we enjoyed the novelty but I can see how all those animals get in the way of getting around every day!

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