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>> Friday, June 12, 2009

Thank you guys for all the nice comments about my last post. You really made my day! I have the best commenters ever.

Karyn from the workroom gave me this lovely pendant for a birthday present at the last craft sale. They're handmade little wooden discs that come in different shapes and have little holes punched in them so you can cross stitch a picture for decoration.

I had an odd little miniature performance anxiety about doing mine and couldn't decide what to do. Mainly as I've never done cross stitch so I wasn't sure exactly how it goes. I learned as I went along, and probably made up a few things.
I started by sketching out my design in pencil right onto the pendant. In case you're wondering, I used pearl cotton for mine, in size 8. Last time I went to Sunday Market I found a big bag of old pearl cottons for $20. It was very exciting.

My initial idea had been a bird, then I thought a bird was too obvious - something I draw and embroider all the time. Then I was inspired by Anabela's prettiest ever flower, and decided to get going. And still I somehow ended up doing a bird.

Here's a detail

I think I went too far adding a white background. What do you think? It kind of ruins the pretty lacy aspect of the pendant. I just thought the warm colours I used were kind of blending into the wood background.


Make This From That June 12, 2009  

Really sweet and great workmanship! Would make a great package tag that could then be turned into a holiday tree ornament or window shade pull don't you think?

Claire Louise Milne June 12, 2009  

Thanks, hey that's a good idea. I didn't think of using it for anything else but a necklace.

anabela / fieldguided June 12, 2009  

Oh my goodness! It's so you! Just darling.

sew nancy June 12, 2009  

i love the bird
nice work

linda p June 12, 2009  

wow, it's so pretty! any idea if the wood pendants are available online?

Michelle June 12, 2009  

That is gorgeous! I like the pale thread as background - makes it seem more Victorian or something.

karyn June 13, 2009  

ack! it's just so cute!! i love that you just drew your design right on the smart. i've been plotting out designs awkwardly on graph paper.

linda p - i'm working on my online shop, but just email me if you're interested in a pendant.

Katy June 14, 2009  

i think the same as the above comment - the whiet background gives it a vintage table cloth embroidery feel, i love it

Fine Hand June 14, 2009  

very sweet! i agree with everyone else the white makes it pop a bit and not blend into the background

Hillary September 06, 2009  

Do you know how far apart the holes were cut from one another? I would love to try to do something like this.

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