Springtime branches

>> Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's that time of year again. I brought some Forsythia branches in last week to force them to bloom. I thought it might have been too early in the year, the buds were quite small and brown and kind of dry looking and it didn't seem like they'd be ready to bloom any time soon. But it worked!

All you do is cut some branches from a tree that blossoms in spring. If you can find some cherry branches, those are gorgeous. Then before you arrange them in water, clip an extra cut at the bottom of the branch so that it can draw up the water better. Wait a few days and you will see your branch start to blossom.

A nice way to cheer things up inside as you wait for your garden to bloom.


Anonymous,  March 27, 2009  

I love your banner...

sweetie pie press March 28, 2009  

i saw this torn branch on queen street a few days ago, with a few early buds on it. i thought about bringing it home to force the blooms but, for some reason, didn't. i regret that now - especially because i don't know what it would have blossomed into.

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