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>> Friday, March 27, 2009

I've mentioned it before, but how great is the Sunday Market at the St. Lawrence? I go there fairly often but sometimes I really just don't find anything I need to bring home. Last week I went and kept finding things. The first item was the tin tartan picnic basket pictured above.

I saw one just like it in the window of Liv (by Au Lit Linens, on Eglinton) and was thinking "note to self - come back when the store's open and try to buy it". I see lots of these on ebay too. The faux bois ones are nice, and another fave motif is the faux basket weave ones. Price for this one: $30.
The second item was this pretty green planter. I have a thing for vintage planters, I put all kinds of things in them. Such as buttons and trim or office supplies. Price for this one: $10.

My favourite area in the market is the shop in the corner called Antiques at the St. Lawrence. I found a charming vintage Peek Frean tin there. Why don't cookies come in these anymore?? I use these tins for sewing supplies and it really does keep things organized. That's right, I'm pretending it's practical. Cost for the tin: $8.

Then last but not least, I've been keeping an eye out for one of the above for months. It's dark green, made of cast iron I suppose, very heavy, and it has a nice decorative detail to it. I'm wondering now if you know what it is? I'll tell you later but you can guess if you like! Price for the fabulous mystery green item: $20.

I try to set up some kind of budget before going to Sunday Market, such as "if you find something really great you can buy it but don't spend more than $50". This time I was in a splurgy mood. But I was still trying to make sure it wasn't a question of being tempted by things I don't really need that would just lead to clutter and regret..

Whether or not I needed the items pictured, I leave up to you to judge (in your head.. I don't really want you to tell me if you think I'm nuts). But suffice it to say they certainly made me very happy. That was a good day.


Laura March 27, 2009  

The Mysterious Green Item:

One of those old rubber stamp holders, right?

Nice Finds!

LeeAnn March 27, 2009  

I have no idea what that cast iron thing is but my first instinct would be to put it in the garden. Could it possibly hold a coiled garden hose? I'm not sure how big it is, but that's what I'd use it for!

All the finds were really great. :)

sew nancy March 27, 2009  

I don't know if it's because we share a birthday
or what
but I bought a few of those tartan baskets
last year on ebay
and I adore old planters and tins and keep
supplies in them too.

okay i don't know what the iron thing is
are you going to tell us?

-Rachel March 27, 2009  

I was going to say an old rubber stamp stand. I think it also looks like it might be able to hold spools of thread. Or maybe tubes filled with beads, buttons or glitter.

sweetie pie press March 27, 2009  

totally for rubber stamps. i have a small collection of stamps and am always on the market for spinning holders.

malin March 28, 2009  

Depends on the size of the thing, but I´d say an umbrella stand!

Lucie March 29, 2009  

I like your idea of the green planter for sewing supplies. So pretty.

Kathleen March 29, 2009  

What great treasures! I too have a weakness for antique markets, but have decided that items must have a "purpose" not just look perty. I have a big collection of planters and I am going to go downstairs to get them RIGHT NOW and press them into service in my sewing area. Love that! I don't know what the iron thingy is, but I might use it to hold paint brushes, or scissors or even pens. Obviously can't use any spinning element in that case, but it would put things close at hand I suppose.

Jinnie March 29, 2009  

They would certainly make me happy too. :-) I especially like that charming vintage Peek Frean tin.

And I don't know what that cast iron thingy is. Difficult to say but I would guess that it might be something you can use for holding pens or something like that.

Sweetpea4kids April 01, 2009  

I also love vintage platters... a girl can never have enough.

Ive no idea what the green iron "thing" is. At a guess, a glass holder?

Jessica Marie April 03, 2009  

such wonderful flea market finds!

Heather April 14, 2009  

definitely a stamp holder! I have one that I use in my office at work! This one is much nicer. I LOVE that planter. I recently went to the market and found absolutely nothing.

thevintagemapgie April 21, 2009  

I love your finds, especially the tin. I am 'book sale' addict over here in the UK and have just posted my weekend finds. .. Budget.. schmudget!!! x

Ruth Singer April 30, 2009  

I have one of those stamp stands too! Mine's just rusty iron, not that lovely green. I love the shape too!

Anonymous,  September 12, 2009  
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