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>> Sunday, March 15, 2009

Ok, so the Toronto Craft Alert Get Er Done Giveway worked. I finished the lining for my knitted bag yesterday. I also worked out a way to line a bag like this with a handle as part of the main shape, so I can show you that too. I think that was the main reason I was procrastinating... I wasn't sure at first how to do it.

First of all, this is why you have a stash. I was able to just rummage through my fabric to find one that would work. I wanted one with some stiffness to offset the floppiness of a knitted bag and give it some structure. I chose a pink upholstery fabric that went with the colours in the bag and had a pretty motif of bunches of white daisies.
So I cut out the main lining piece, attached a pocket to it, hemmed the top ends of it and sewed the sides together.Then I cut two strips for the top part, folded them in half lengthwise and sewed them together. This creates a strip with a finished edge to be the top part of the lining. As you can see in the picture the back of the fabric has a lot of threads for the daisy embroidery, so this helps prevent snags as well.
These are the finished strips.

Then I turned the bag inside out with the main part of the lining pinned in place and the top strips pinned in place. Then hand sewed the strips to attach them to the main part of the lining, except for the areas where the gap was for the handles. Then I hand sewed around the handle gap and around the top of the bag to attach the lining.

It's hard to describe but hopefully you can kind of see what's going on in the picture:And now it's finally done! I have too many bags now so this one may make an appearance at the Hunt & Gather Trunk Show...


karyn March 15, 2009  

congratulations on finishing your project! i have not done anything with mine, except for tell the world i was going to work on it and then totally flake, i am a crafty slacker not getting er done.

Anonymous,  March 17, 2009  

cool job. I have been checking out people's completed items. I however continue to see my own unfinished items. Taxes are done, though, now off to those crafts. Thanks!

Anonymous,  March 26, 2009  

congratulations ! it is very nice indeed !

sam lamb May 13, 2009  

fantastic bag - i love the colours and the moss stitch handle. nice lining too!

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