I re-love IKEA

>> Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Thank you for the nice comments about the house posts, I've hardly had time to do crafts but I did make a little bird bag I will show soon. I'm glad people are also interested in our renovations and decorating because it's definitely what I'm thinking about these days!

I have been swamped recently, though, with a big illustration contract so I've had less time to do things. But working at home means I'm looking around at everything that needs to be done and it can be very distracting. So I take little breaks in the day to do house things, and then work late into the evening on my sketches. Luckily this is one of the benefits of freelancing, you can pick your own hours as long as you meet the deadlines.

One of the things I couldn't wait to do was replace our bookshelves. In our old place we had a long row of short billy's on one wall and it gave us enough book storage and I think it looked nice. But we don't have a wall like that here, and we really needed something else. As you may have noticed I've become all about finding vintage furniture on craigslist, all "good old-fashioned workmanship - no more crummy flatpack!" recently. But I just could not find the perfect bookcases.So finally I gave IKEA another chance and was smitten by the Liatorp bookcases. They seemed perfect for our space, two fit the wall I was planning to use perfectly, with lots of height, they have seven shelves (so more than two short billy's), and hidden storage at the bottom. You can join them together to give the feel of custom bookcases, and I like the details, moulding at the top, supports under the shelves (not just those metal pegs) and the edges of the shelves has a nice row of grooves. And you know how I feel about glass doors. Now that they're assembled I absolutely love them, and I really think they're the bookcases I've always wanted.
Incidentally, here's a detail of the vase which I found at Pier 1 (thanks to my friend Sandra who gave us the gift certificate!) I'm planning to use the vase colours throughout the room, pale blue, white and dark brown with cream - so it was the perfect addition. I also found a cd wall cabinet in the same style. This item is new, and I think I was the first person at the store to buy it as I called in the morning and it was out of stock, but when I got there I double checked and they said it had just arrived. It's perfect because it fits all of our cds exactly and now they're no longer awkwardly crammed into a small bookshelf taking up floor space. Plus we're doing matching which seems very grown up.

Here are my assembly tips (for all IKEA flatpack furnishings):
1. pretend you are a surgeon and lay out all the screws and pegs and tools and things on a tray so you are organized
2. use a tea towel under all those things so they don't roll around and drive you crazy
3. don't knock over the tray because you will have to crawl around looking under your furniture for all the little bits and it is VERY VEXING.
4. actually count them so you don't wonder later if something is missing or if you used the wrong thing
5. experienced assemblers will already know this, but each screw has a little number beside it at the beginning of the manual and next to the step where you use it so you can double check it's the right one
6. use the box your furniture came in as a mat to protect the pieces while assembling
7. when the instructions have a little "!" pay attention, or you will regret it
8. don't start assembling at 11pm at night if you are already tired and cranky
9. keep any extra bits for later - and the instructions!


Jannie aka Chickengirl September 12, 2007  

Ohhh I LOVE those bookshelves! Some thing about the glass doors that makes it great.

Nora September 12, 2007  

Nice bookshelves!! I would love to do freelance illustrations. You are so talented!

HOLLi CONGER September 12, 2007  

Thanks for the assembly tips! I have and IKEA bookshelf and table still boxed in the garage.

Anonymous,  September 12, 2007  

Ohhhh I must have those bookshelves! Beautiful!

Anonymous,  September 12, 2007  

Absolutely gorgeous! The helpful Ikea tips made me laugh. So true. Great work and lovely photos. Can't wait to see the little bird bag!

Mary Beth September 12, 2007  

Those are my dream bookcases!

Anonymous,  September 13, 2007  

In your assembly instructions you forgot to mention to ask your partner to please find something else to do so that you can concentrate. (That's just how it seems to work in my world.)

You are right the bookshelves do fit perfectly! I can see it all coming together!!!

Nice vase. It meets my approval.

Heather September 14, 2007  

I poopoo IKEA but since I didn't know those bookcases existed...let's just say I want to go to IKEA right NOW!!!!!

Danielle September 14, 2007  

Sounds like we build furniture the same way:) We have one more step -- when we finish assembling a piece of IKEA furniture, we put the extra bits in a ziploc bag. Then, the assembly instructions in a plastic page protector along with the ziploc. We have a binder for "instructions, manuals, and warranties" that we keep in the office. Makes everything so much easier to find later on!

sew nancy September 17, 2007  

I love thst bookshelf system and would love to get it when I move.
I tagged you for a meme.
Rules on my blog

Amanda Jean October 01, 2007  

i Love your Ikea cabinets.

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