Striped chunky knit pink and brown scarf

>> Wednesday, December 21, 2005

I've just finished this, a really warm wool scarf for the winter. It's so easy I would recommend this for a brand new beginner project. I used Lamb's Pride (is it just me or is that a really cute name for yarn?) bulky yarn, 14 stitches per row, size 11 needles, all knit (garter stitch), switching my four colours randomly. I wanted a plain-jane, vintage looking, a-kid-could-have-made-it style of scarf.

Even though it's simple, beginners often ask about switching colours. All you do is this: when you are ready to join a new colour just cut off the current colour leaving around 3 inches of yarn, then use a reef knot to join on the new colour. A reef knot is left over right and under, then right over left and under. Then just start knitting with the new colour. That's it. I weave in the ends with a big sewing needle, such as an embroidery or tapestry needle, any needle that's big enough that you can thread it with your yarn. After you weave in the ends (ie. "sew" the yarn over and under loops of your knitting) trim off the end.

Now I just can't decide if I should add a fringe or not. Any opinions on that?


Neo December 21, 2005  

Claire -That looks really warm. Someone stole my scarf last year at a pub I was at. I haven't bought a new one since. Nice work!


- Neo

patricia zapata December 21, 2005  

LOVE your scarf. I really like the color combo and IMO the fringe isn't necessary at all. The bands of color do all the talking. ;) Great job.

Claire Louise Milne December 21, 2005  

Thanks for the feedback! I wore it today and I think you're right, it works without the fringe, and it's so warm!

Anonymous,  December 22, 2005  

I vote no fringe.

When I start a new colour, I just start knitting in with the new colour - that's it! Then later you just have to go back and weave in the tails.

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