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The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces

>> Friday, December 16, 2005

I started this drawing after being inspired by this post. It started out as a drawing purely from my imagination, remembering the kinds of pictures I loved to draw throughout my childhood. I remember spending hours completely wrapped up in my drawings, making up stories in my mind to go with the pictures. I was particularly enchanted by fairytales, and this particular sketch ended up evolving into an illustration for one of my favourite fairytales, The Shoes That Were Danced to Pieces. In this Grimm story, twelve princesses steal away every night to meet twelve princes who row them across a lake to an underground castle where they dance until their shoes are in shreds. On the way to the lake they pass through an avenue of trees with silver leaves. I've always imagined that this underground world would be really beautiful and magical with gardens and colourful lanterns.


Unknown December 16, 2005  

nice pretty drawing!! Love it!

Claire Louise Milne December 17, 2005  

I really appreciate the nice comments. I was just thinking I might colour this the way it is, or maybe redo the composition since I was just daydreaming when I drew it, not planning. But this is the week to have your head in the clouds, right?

Amy Zaleski December 17, 2005  

This is just beautiful! It has a real feeling of innocence to it and the ladies are so pretty. Great work on the trees and lanterns, too.

Anonymous,  December 17, 2005  

This is a gorgeous illustration. I love all the different patterns in their dresses, and all their unique faces. The lanterns in the trees add a perfect touch. It works well in black and white, but also would be nice to see some colors in it, too.

Anonymous,  December 17, 2005  

Very beautiful line work..LOVE IT!!! Serene faces...bold union.., great!
-Marjorie Ann

erilyn December 18, 2005  

wonderful drawing!

Christine Lim December 19, 2005  

Hey! this is more than a sketch to me! Wonderfully composed. love those details on the dresses, the lanterns. Just perfect. :)

Anonymous,  December 20, 2005  

Beautiful drawing. You did a great job making all those characters.

Mustashrik December 20, 2005  

i can only think of a word...'wonder'


Aravis December 22, 2005  

I knew this story as The Twelve Dancing Princesses, and it was one of my favorites as well. This is beautiful!

gudbrandsdottir December 22, 2005  

Fabulous drawing. I can see they´re having fun :)

Diandra Mae December 22, 2005  

fantastic work! This fairy tale always intriqued me when I was younger because of the darker undertones. I love your execution and the attention your paid to all of the detail.

"Maggie & Kevin" January 01, 2006  

What a lovely illustration! Will you be posting this finished in color?

Claire Louise Milne January 01, 2006  

Yes, I'm planning to, I'd love to do this illustration in colour. There's too few hours in the day!

tammie January 15, 2006  

i am SO in love with this!!!

Jenni-Raie December 03, 2007  

this is so gorgeous! it is me... what i am. awww it resonates!

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