Illustration Friday (final) - Blue
The Little Mermaid

>> Thursday, December 08, 2005

This is my Illustration Friday for "blue", the painting of the inked sketch below. As usual, you can click on the image to see it larger. There is an excerpt from "The Little Mermaid" in the post below, this is the part that inspired me, the part I wanted to illustrate. I've tweaked the colours, the scan came out a bit too bright and it didn't look right. Thank you for visiting!


Queen Tut December 08, 2005  

Very impressive water lilly and I like the tonal colours of the blue. Great illo!
Blue also made me draw a mermaid

Claire Louise Milne December 08, 2005  

Thank you! I love the view from your studio.

Anonymous,  December 08, 2005  

I love both versions. The colors and image work wonderfully. Quite fanciful

Anonymous,  December 08, 2005  

Is she tending to her garden? :) Very lovely.

Claire Louise Milne December 08, 2005  

Yes, she has a garden shaped like the sun. An excerpt from the story is pasted in the posting below (the black and white stage). This is the part of the story I wanted to illustrate. Thank you for visiting!

Diandra Mae December 08, 2005  

Thanks for your comments on my blog, Claire. I like your mermaid, she's so sweet. You depict mood very well. :)

Amy Zaleski December 17, 2005  

I never saw the finished piece - gorgeous!

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