Happy New Year!

>> Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy New Year! My main resolution is to not treat our living room like my own personal arts and crafts studio. I'm also putting some new things into the shop, including this brand new messenger bag, perfect for a fresh new year of organization. The main feature is so many pockets that there's no excuse to have all your stuff rattling around inside.

The general consensus seems to be that the longer strap is more appealing and I can certainly understand that. So this bag has the long strap that you can wear crosswise and keep your stuff secure and your hands free.

I have a few things left from City of Craft, so if there was anything you saw on my blog (or in person) that you would like, just drop me a line and I'll put it in the shop. There's no obligation to buy, but you will motivate me to get it in there and then you have a chance to see and/or buy it. I just don't get around to listing all the things I have!

p.s. do you love all things tiny? Visit my new blog tiny handmade.


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