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>> Friday, November 12, 2010

Have you ever wondered if sock monkeys get cranky? Well it's rare, but as you can see in this picture Francis has his arms crossed in a way that suggests he is annoyed about something. Here's what happened.
Francis modelled some pants for me so I could figure out the pattern to make some pants for a gift for someone else with a sock monkey. But I think there was a misunderstanding and he thought the pants were for him.

He has his arms crossed but as you can see he's still smiling because sock monkeys never really get cranky. It's just not in their nature. But I did think he should get his own pants. And of course Fifi needed pants too.
Francis picked out a red plaid for his new pants and Fifi picked a floral. They look a bit like jammy pants to me, but I wasn't going to argue because the heart wants what it wants.


Funky Finds November 12, 2010  

Too much cuteness to comprehend! Well done!

Alix November 13, 2010  

They may have different taste in fabric to us but they look lovely! And they both look very proud of their new clothes. Two of mine asked for jackets to go over their summer frocks last week - just in time for winter....

tamdoll November 15, 2010  

I have a bajillion blogs in my feedreader, so when I try to catch up I just scan them all, looking at pictures... when this post scrolled across my screen I broke out in a big smile, seeing these cuties and catching the phrase "..sock monkeys never really get cranky." I love it. Made my morning, thanks!

Little Miss Nose It All June 28, 2011  

any chance you have a pattern for these pants??? they're so cute and i have some monkeys that would definitely love to wear them.

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