Buying Handmade - part one

>> Friday, November 19, 2010

I think it's probably obvious that I'm a handmade kind of person. I buy handmade things, and I sell handmade things, and if I'm lucky I occasionally get to swap handmade things. This is great because to be frank most of us aren't getting rich selling handmade and I'm constantly surrounded by talented crafters and artists whose work I covet.

This holiday I'll be making handmade items for gifts and for upcoming craft shows. Over the years I've found lots of presents myself at craft shows and I love skipping the mall and finding something that's one-of-a-kind and didn't come from a factory. To inspire you, I thought I'd post some of my favourite handmade treats.

Ponder and Stitch:

vintage feedsack cuff
This is a lovely cuff made from vintage feedsack. Amy also offers made-to-order cuffs with custom embroidery. Her shop is popular so dash over there early if you're looking for a holiday gift!

Sadie Designs:
birch and gold geometric necklace
I've been admiring these necklaces for a while now. They're made with birch wood in geometric patterns. So cool!

Now, how can you go wrong with barkcloth? It's a great search word to use if you want to find something special. This oversized pincushion is just one of many gorgeous items in this artfire shop. I also love the pretty vintage-style necklaces.

More to come in my next post!


Amy November 19, 2010  

Loooove the barkcloth- I've had my eye on those for quite some time. Thank you so much for showing my cuff here! I'm quite fond of that feedsack myself. :)

Sarah November 19, 2010  

Those pincushions are so lovely! Thanks so much for featuring my necklace and writing about buying handmade. I think more and more people are giving handmade gifts for the holidays...I know I will be!

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