Buying Handmade - part two

>> Friday, November 19, 2010

As promised, more handmade shopping inspiration!

strawberries and cream:

woolen monkey
Does your little monkey need a little monkey? Etsy makes me wish I had more kids to buy for, so many cute things! I love this monkey's plaid jumpsuit. He looks a little perplexed: why am I still here? why hasn't anyone bought me yet??

fox and clover:
remnes lace necklace
I can't say enough about this talented artist! Sabrina's necklaces are made from recycled glass and hand-painted with beautiful lace/nature-inspired patterns. Bradley gave me one for our anniversary and to say it is a treasured possession is an understatement! Absolutely beautiful.

amanda kindregan:
egg basket block print
I love pretty much all printmaking techniques, especially when they have a textured look to them and charming content such as this "egg basket" block print. This print is part of Amanda's "happy kitchen"" series so you could even have a little grouping of them!

Part three coming up soon...


Lisa PN November 21, 2010  

I love that little guy! and now i have a little one to buy for! I look forward too seeing you at Crafternoon Tea!


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