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>> Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Last weekend was our 4th anniversary so we decided to have a little outing and rent a car so we could head up north.
Saturday was mostly about driving around and exploring. We saw a truck fire on the way up north (!), had a delicious bruschetta/salad and cream tea at SerndipiTea in Midland, explored in the area and later ended up at a nice spot near Honey Harbour where we had a short walk. Then on the way back home we saw a moose! He was standing beside the road and we slowed down so that I could (of course) try and take a picture, but before I could he turned and headed back into the woods.
My favourite outing was Sunday when we visited Elora Gorge for hiking.
I took the usual photos of the gorge but I like to take close-up photos because they seem to capture the feel of a day for me.
The hiking around Alora Gorge is very woodsy so there's lots of picturesque moss on the trees and rocks.
At the end of the day we saw some incredible caves near the gorge at the water level but by then it was too dark to take pictures. So here's a picture taken earlier in the day to give you the general idea.
We also saw some rabbits.. all-in-all it was a nice busy weekend.

p.s. I just bought the needlebook.ca domain name. I wanted ".com" but the first time I looked it was $100 and I was like "meh". Then I checked again today and it was $1000! So ".ca" it is. I've rerouted it to my blog for now so you can type in "needlebook.ca" to visit my blog. Which is just a bit easier, right?


Rosa Rood September 21, 2010  

Love these pictures, makes me dreaming about spending the holidays in Canada..someday it will be true ;-)

We saw a moose in Sweden a few weeks ago..but he disappeared very quickly when I found my camera-- Maybe they don´t like photos!?

Greetings from Amsterdam

sew nancy September 21, 2010  

Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a really nice weekend.
I really like the close-ups of the moss. Congratulations on the domain name.

J. E. Morris September 22, 2010  

Happy anniversary! Mine was last weekend too. Looks like a great place to hike.

Lisa PN September 30, 2010  

happy anniversary!
hope all is wonderful well! Am doing another movies and makers! might you apply?

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