Yellow log cabin quilt

>> Thursday, October 14, 2010

I've been wanting to make a yellow quilt forever. So just in time for the rainy days we've been having, I've finally gathered up the yellow prints I had on hand. I've never sewn a log cabin quilt square before, but I've read online that it's addictive. Now that I've made my first one I can confirm that it's true! I decided to do my cutting freehand, just making strips as I went along and not worrying about having them all be the same width.

I like the result. At the end I will true up each square using a cardboard template and then when I join all the squares my quilt won't be too wonky! At the end when I have a stack of squares I can arrange them before joining them together and make sure the quilt is balanced. I'm not sure yet whether I'll add sashing (extra strips between the squares).

As usual I have hoarded tiny scraps of my favourite prints, so it's been very nice to finally be able to use even the smallest pieces. Things have been busy lately so this quilt could go very slowly, but I've decided I'd rather just do a square at a time, and not cut it all out beforehand, and maybe even not do any chain piecing. I've found it very relaxing to just choose and cut a piece at a time and put it all together.
This square went together very quickly so I think you could whip up a quilt top this way in no time. For the quilt back I think I'll just keep an eye out for a vintage sheet with some yellow. My quilt is going to be so cheerful!


Amber October 14, 2010  

Oh I love this! I always make my log cabin blocks bigger and square them up later, it's much more freeing to just sew, sew, sew!

Susan Mitchell October 15, 2010  

This is going to be so sweet and sunny :)

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